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Geek Vape S Series Replacement Coils

Geek Vape S Series Replacement Coils

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Check out the Geek Vape S Replacement Coils, which use mesh heating elements to offer exceptional flavour and vapour from your favourite e-juice.

Geek Vape S Replacement Coils Features: 
Geek Vape S Coil Series
0.15ohm S Coil - rated for 80-90W
0.25ohm S Dual Coil - rated for 45-55W
Press Fit Coil Installation

Warning: In the event that the curls has a sub-ohm obstruction, kindly ensure you have an extraordinary comprehension and specialized information on the most proficient method to utilize mods and batteries that can deal with Sub-Ohm loops. Make an effort not to use short or level 510 relationship on any cream or blend style contraption. In case you are not happy or questionable of explicit things or set-ups, compassionately don't use it. Continuously utilize legitimate safety measures and taking care of.

Note: While using any battery-powered battery, there is consistently a gamble. Vape Universe and any of Vape Universe's parent and auxiliary organizations are not responsible for any mischief brought about by any alteration of the batteries, chargers, gadgets, and different items that we sell in any structure or shape, including pack fabricating.

Vape Universe and any or Vape Universe's all's parent and auxiliary organizations won't be expected dependable or to take responsibility for any long-lasting or brief injury, harm, or imperfection brought about by the ill-advised utilization of a Li-particle (Lithium-particle), LiPo (Lithium-particle Polymer), or any battery-powered battery/batteries, including chargers. If it's not too much trouble, have a superior comprehension of the batteries/chargers you are utilizing and how to really focus on them appropriately.

While working with Li-particle (Lithium-particle), LiPo (Lithium-particle Polymer), and other battery-powered cells, if it's not too much trouble, practice mindfulness and care since they are incredibly delicate to charging attributes and may detonate or consume whenever misused. Before using any battery-fueled batteries, assuming no one really cares either way, ensure that you are educated in their action. Continuously charge batteries on a perfect, flame resistant surface. Never leave charged batteries unattended. Assuming that you notice perceptible harm to the batteries, kindly don't utilize them. Continuously keep, store, and transport battery-powered cells in a protected, non-conductive compartment in a controlled climate.


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